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Hiring a tree care professional in Duval County can be an intimidating process for any homeowner. If finding a company that is experienced and affordable is a top priority for you, then you should give us a call today.

In addition to budget-friendly pricing, we offer free, no-obligation estimates on each and every job. So whether a tree needs removing or a couple branches need trimmed, schedule your free consultation today and we are confident you will find our prices to be affordable, our estimators to be helpful, and our crews to be safe and professional.

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Why Trees Are Removed & When to Remove One

If you have a dead, dying, or diseased tree on your property, it may be putting your home and family in danger. Tree removal is a task that needs to planned carefully and executed with precision. It is not a task that should be done on the weekend with a chainsaw rented from Home Depot and a couple of buddies. Felling a tree is serious business and not taking proper precautions or not hiring a professional tree service can result in property damage, serious injury and/or death. In 2012 alone, over 30 people were killed felling trees. Removing trees without the proper insurance can expose you to liability if property is damaged or someone gets hurt. One way to avoid all this it to call the pros at Jacksonville Tree Removal Experts. Let our crews take the risk so you can put your mind to rest knowing the job will be done right.

Here is a short list of tree issues that can be cause for removal:

1. Your tree is growing too close to your home
Trees that are to close to your home can be dangerous in the event of strong winds or heavy rain.

2. Your tree may be diseased
Looks can be deceiving and just because a tree looks healthy on the outside doesn’t mean it is. Signs of a sick tree include: hollow or decayed areas, insect infestation, sawdust or mushrooms at the base of the tree, leave discoloration, and dead limbs.

3. Your tree’s root system may interfere with your home’s structural foundation
The roots of a tree can potentially damage your home’s concrete pavement, electrical wiring, and plumbing underneath the ground surface.

4. Your tree is damaged
Whether the damage is natural or man-made, if a tree is damaged it is very important that you have a tree risk assessment performed.

If you have a tree on your property that is in danger of falling, give us a call. We will send over an estimator to assess your situation and give you a free estimate. We are licensed and insure and work hard to provide fast, safe, and affordable tree services. Call us now at (904) 530-1777.